10 May 2017

It's Official x 2


I have some news...

Matthew and me just purchased our very own home!!!

We are beyond excited and so ready to move into a bigger space. We all know I need more closet space - and Matthew just needs space for his extra large human size period. The condo was working well for bachelor Matt, but when I decided to move my curvy little ass in - it got a little tight.

Matt and me have been discussing this for a few months now, and in the beginning I was super hesitant {obviously.. I hate change} but after sleeping on it I was totally on board. I had never purchased my own home before, so I had no idea where to even begin! Matt was leasing his condo - so he was almost as helpless as me.. almost! Our parents really helped us understand the whole process and have been so supportive. I love them.

The house is pretty close to where my parent's live - which is nice.... but not close enough that they can come over unannounced. LOL... that could end badly. It's a brand new home in a brand new neighbourhood, so it will be approximately 6 months before we can move in. BUT because it's brand new, we get to customize everything - so that makes me even more excited! Except for the fact that Matt thinks he's getting a "man cave" in the basement...

I kind of think Sophia might be preggers again. Her and Paul have been acting really weird lately. Almost as weird as when they found out they were pregnant the first time. I really hope they decided to try again! And I'm praying for nothing but perfect health for her and this little nugget.. it would kill me to see her go through something so traumatic again. She of course hasn't told us anything yet, and I would never bring it up, but me and Jenn have our suspicions.

Oh and.. Jenn and Danny are dating again. FINALLY!!! They've decided to take things super slow, which is fine - but they have had "the talk" and are completely and totally together. I can't say that things are back to normal but it's getting there.

I feel like everyone is still walking on eggshells around Jenn - as if they're scared Danny is going to hurt her again. And if I'm being completely honest - I disagree. I've come to know Danny as if he was my own brother, and I can honestly say with my whole heart that he is one thousand percent committed to Jenn and they're future together. They'll definitely be married before Matt and me! {Plus he knows that if he even thinks about hurting her again, both me and Matt will end his life.}

As for Daniel {my brother - I know some of you still get confused on who's who!} he's living the bachelor life. Him and Danny are still living together, but he's thinking of taking over Matt's lease so he can have his own space. I don't think that's a horrible idea. I mean - he did try to date Jenn while her and Danny weren't together, so it could get awkward up in there.

I honestly don't know how all of us crazies ended up together!
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