12 April 2017

Left You Hanging

You guys... I didn't even realize that I left you hanging. This whole time I thought I had told y'all about Jenn and her little love triangle - but I guess I wrote that post in my head!

Anyways.. Jenn and Nick did end things. Surprisingly enough he was the one to do it. Jenn had been completely honest with him from the very beginning about Danny and the way that everything had ended with him - and Nick said he knew from the moment that Danny walked in to our home that night, that Jenn and him had a lot of unresolved feelings. He didn't want to be the guy caught in the middle, so he ended things with Jenn shortly after.

It's an unfortunate situation because Nick is such a great guy and he really helped Jenn through a lot. I think they both grew more as stronger, individual people than as a couple - which is totally cool. I feel like everyone needs a relationship like that. I just hope there's no hard feelings between them because Jenn really is one of the sweetest girls I know. I have a new found respect for Nick too, he was able to put his feelings aside to help someone else- you don't find that too often these days! Him and Matt are probably going to keep in touch though.. Matt always gets too attached.

As for Danny... Jenn is making him sweat! I kind of always had this feeling that they would end up back together. I was obviously waiting for the time to be right between the two of them. Danny really did a number on her and I don't blame her for not jumping right back into his arms. To my knowledge, they haven't been alone together yet, but they have been communicating via text / the occasional phone call, and they have been to the movies a few times with Matt and me.

I've spoken to Danny more about it than Jenn, which is surprising to me. She's being very hush hush about everything, planning and making decisions in her own mind. I know she's really struggling with this. On one hand she's so in love with him it hurts to not be with him, but on the other hand - what he did to her is completely unforgivable in her eyes. If I was in her shoes I'd probably move to another country. But y'all know me.. I like to run away from my problems.

Danny on the other hand has been struggling to keep things to himself, and likes to share his thoughts and feelings with Matt and me. He loves her. There's no doubt in my mind - or his. He's also been very vocal about that with her, which I don't think is the best at this point in time. I told him that too, and he proceeded to argue with me...

"But, I love her. She needs to know that." Danny pleaded.

"No. She needs to know that you're there for her. That you'll always be there. That you won't run away scared again and break her into a million pieces. She barely recovered last time. She needs to know that you won't pull that shit again. I don't think she'll survive if you do."

Danny was silent for a while before whispering to Matt. "I hate when she's right."

Matt is being super impatient about it too - more so than Danny. Matt doesn't like tension or awkwardness, and I can't lie, it is a little awkward when it's just us and them. He just wants everything to be "back to normal" as he puts it. I have no doubt that it will happen soon enough, but I'm giving Jenn mad props on not giving in to her emotions though.

Anyways, for now that's all I've got.. hopefully another update soon!
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