06 February 2017

Healthy Tori?

"You never think."

Those three words were enough to set me over the edge. I'd been extra hormonal lately and angry and snappy towards everyone.

"I never think?" I shot back. "I'm not the one that asked my sister's best friend out on a date, right after she broke up with the love of her life slash your best friend slash your room mate. You're a triple moron."

Daniel looked me dead in the eye and said nothing. We fight all the time. We're siblings. But he knew I was right. I might have messed up by nothing telling him that Jenn was over and not to bring Danny, but he could have asked too!

"What is wrong with you? Why are you so bitchy these days?"

I sighed and shrugged. "Hormones are out of whack."

"Did you go to the doctor?"

"No, I took a whole bunch of pregnancy tests though..." His eyes locked with mine again. "I'm not."

"Well you should still go to the doctor. Sometimes the tests are wrong, and if not, there could be something else going on. It's good to go get checked."

I thought about what he said for a while and realized that he was right. I really should have gone to the doctor from the beginning. I decided to call up the office and make an appointment for the next afternoon. When I told Matt that I was going, he insisted on coming with me - I'm not really sure why, but while we were waiting in the doctor's office, I was suddenly thankful I wasn't alone.

We waited for over an hour before the secretary finally called my name, and another 45 minutes inside the examination room. If I had been waiting there alone, I would have gone crazy. My doctor finally walked into the room and of course wanted all of the gossip on Matt. She's been my doctor since pretty much birth, so she's always curious on what's going on in my life.

She's pretty cool for a doctor. She's probably about 5 foot tall, on a good day, with a very petite frame. She wears her hair in a platinum blonde bob {I've never seen one hair out of place} and is always rocking the same red lipstick. She has to be close to 60 years old by now, but doesn't look a day over 45.

After catching her up, she finally asked what brought me in, and I explained all of the symptoms I'd been having. I told her about the mood swings, about being overly emotional, late periods, everything. She nodded as she wrote it all down in my little file and then looked up at me and smiled.

"Well, I know you did some, but I will have you do a proper pregnancy test. A lot of the at-home ones are inaccurate. I'll have you do some other blood work in the meantime so that if it comes back negative, we have something to fall back on. I really don't see anything serious going on, it could just be your body changing as you start to age."

I sat there silent for a few minutes as I processed. "...as you start to age." I eventually snapped out of it and agreed to go through with all of the testing. They took ten vials of blood, made me pee in a cup and sent me on my way. I was told I would have results within 3-5 days.

The next 3 days were pure torture. I don't suffer from anxiety in the way that Jenn does, she's pretty severe, but I do have the occasional panic attack. Especially when things are outside of my control. But Tuesday morning, bright an early, my phone rang. My doctor's office doesn't call unless there is something wrong with you- if your blood work comes in clean, you don't get a phone call.

The secretary asked me to come in when I could, so that the doctor could go over the results with me. Insert shark attack music here. I started to panic a tiny bit, but chose not to tell Matt. He was already so worried, and so stressed with work that I didn't want to bother him anymore, so I told her I would go that afternoon, on my lunch break.

I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes before going in to try and calm myself. I figured whatever she was going to tell me was serious enough for me to be called in so I needed to brace myself. She took me into her office as soon as I walked in. The waiting room was surprisingly empty and I later found out that this was actually her lunch hour.

She smiled when she saw the nervous look on my face. "You can breathe, Victoria. It's nothing serious. Well it could be if you don't take care of yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"Well for starters, you're not pregnant. Your blood work came back with quite a few red flags though." She looked at me from over her glasses. "You're deficient in almost every vitamin possible, Victoria. Do you not eat?"

"I eat." I laughed. My curvalicious frame had to give that away.

"Well you're definitely not eating the right things. All B vitamins, low. Iron, low. Vitamin D, low. Do you want me to go on?"

"Not really." I blushed.

"I know you probably don't want to hear it from me, seeing as I'm not your parent, but I have been a part of your entire life, so I want to see you healthy. All of these things are contributing to your mood swings, your late periods, and probably why you haven't conceived. Which brings me to my next point. If you and.. was it Matthew?" I nodded. "If you and Matthew are thinking of conceiving, that's great, but if you're just being careless with protection, we should discuss birth control options."

"No. We're not trying. But we're not not trying. If that makes sense."

"Okay. So you're both prepared to bring a child into the world, should it happen?"

"Absolutely." I smiled. Matthew was the one sure thing I had in my life.

"Well, in that case, I would really focus on changing your eating habits. I'll have Stacey {the secretary} print you out a list of foods that you should be eating, and a list of things to avoid. I want to see you back here in three months for a follow up and we'll do blood work again."

"Okay." I nodded.

"You really need to stick to this, Victoria. You'll notice a huge difference in a few weeks if you do."

"I will." I said as I stood up. "Thank you."

She smiled and started writing notes in my file again, so I took that as my cue to leave. Stacey gave me a few booklets worth of information, and a shopping list for the next few days. I quickly glanced over it when I got in the car and I knew this was going to be a challenge. But I think it will be something good for both me and Matt. We've both been so bad when it comes to food.

I decided to wait until I got home to tell Matt the news. He's so happy that everything's okay, but a little less than thrilled about our new menu options. We've been eating differently for almost a week now, and I have to admit, we both feel it. I feel so much less bloated, and I have an insane amount of energy.

I've never really taken my health seriously, even growing up, but I think it's time I grow up and take care of myself. I guess we'll see what happens!
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