19 August 2016

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Sex

"Like once a week.. twice if I'm lucky."

"That's it?!" My eyes almost popped out of my head. Sophia was complaining about her and Paul's lack of sex life since she found out she was pregnant, and to be honest, I felt for the girl. 

"Ya... I'm going crazy! I mean, I know he's been really stressed lately. Working late and so tired when he comes home, but shit. I have needs! And these damn pregnancy hormones make it even worse." 

"Wow. I can't think of one guy that would ever say no to you." I really couldn't. Every single man I have ever met wanted a piece of Soph- she's a bombshell. 

"It's never been this bad. He wanted it even more than me before, but now.. I'm tired of begging." 

"Get a side man." I was half kidding.


"What? If your man doesn't want to fulfill your sexual needs, than you should find one that will." 

"I'm married! I can't just fuck the first man I see." I shrugged my shoulders. I was already not a fan of Paul and this wasn't helping his case. "So you're telling me if Matt all of a sudden slowed it down, you'd go and find another man?" 

"First off, that would never be a problem for us. And second, Matthew and me are not married, so maybe." 

"Yea. You guys have way too much." She rolled her eyes.

"There's no such thing as too much sex." I winked. "Go and get yourself some toys, take the edge off."

"I would never!" Sophia sighed. "I would be way too embarrassed."

"You do not need to be embarrassed. I'll come with you. I could use some new ones."

"You still use them?"

"Uh.. ya."

"But doesn't Matt fulfill your needs?"

"Always. But it's nice to have fun sometimes." I winked.

"Okay. Time to change the subject." I laughed as Soph shook her head.

I remember the first time I ever used a toy with Matt.. We we super drunk - obviously - and we were playing truth or dare, like the adults we are. He asked me if I had ever used a vibrator and I looked at him like he had 5 heads.

"Uh.. ya."

"Really?" He sat up straighter.

"I'm pretty sure I even have one in my car." I though out loud. "Have you never..?"

"No...Why would it be in your car?"

"Sometimes traffic makes me horny." I waited for his reaction and then fell to the floor laughing.

"You're an idiot sometimes, Tor."

"I just bought a new one, and I think it's still in my car." I said truthfully. "Wanna see?" I jumped up before he could answer and ran out to the car to get it.

"This is it." I pulled it out of the packaging and handed it over to Matt.

"Hmm. It's tiny." Matt examined it.

"Ya. I usually use it like for a quickie or like around my butt." Matt's eyes lit up. "Wanna try it?" I was fully joking, but Matt was way more interested in it than I thought. So we moved our party to the bedroom.

I layed on the bed naked, propped up by some pillows and turned it on. {Yes, I washed it first!} Matt was still standing at the foot of the bed, watching. I'm still not sure if he was way too drunk to comprehend what was happening, or of he was truly in awe. I lowered it to my clit and adjusted myself to a more comfortable position.

"Are you going to join me, or is this going to be a solo show?"

"I.. I don't even know.."

"Come here."

Matt kneeled on the bed and crawled the two steps towards me. I put the vibrator in his hand and brought it down between my legs. I held him there for a bit, but when I started to get tingles, I gave him his next instructions.



"Move it lower."

Matt guided it slowly down my slit, waiting for me to tell him when to stop.

"There. Slide it half way in."

Matt did what he was told. I was so close to the edge at this point, I wasn't even sure I was making sense.

"Now, fuck me."

"With that there?"

I nodded and pulled him in close to me. I didn't have to do much convincing though, Matt was inside me before my next breath.

"Holy shit, Tor." He froze when he felt the sensation. "I don't know if I'm gonna last very long."

Neither one of us did. We both unraveled within seconds. BEST SEX EVER. 

15 August 2016

That's A Horrible Idea

This weekend was one of Matt's high school friend's wedding. Joe and Lisa have been dating since they were in the tenth grade. Which was more than ten years ago! Their wedding was beyond beautiful, too. I spoke with Joe earlier in the night, before he was too intoxicated to remember his own name, and he told me that he waited so long to propose because he wanted to make sure he could give Lisa the perfect wedding she always wanted. How adorable is that?!

It was an outdoor wedding, which was so risky this weekend! {We had crazy thunderstorms.} Obviously you wouldn't know this when booking, but with their luck, the rain held off for the entire ceremony, and started up again once we were all inside, ready to party. I decided on wearing a new dress that I just purchased from the Nordstrom sale, with these shoes and clutch. {clearly, I went a little overboard..} Matt almost fell to the floor when he saw what I was wearing. I never wear dresses that short or tight so he enjoyed the treat.

When we arrived, the groomsmen were seating people, and the bridesmaids were serving champagne cocktails. I already knew these were my kind of people! I had only met Joe and Lisa once, and we seemed to get along. Lisa is crazy like me.. LOL!  Anyways, the ceremony was so full of love. They wrote their own vows that had everyone in tears, even Matt trickled one or two.

The ceremony ended, and we went straight into the dinning room. My breath caught in my chest. The set up was beyond stunning. The tables were dripping in gold and pearls. Candelabras with antique style candles lit up the entire room, and smaller ones were the centerpiece on each table. It kind of looked like the underground setting from The Phantom of The Opera - which I am OBSESSED with! It was a very romantic and sensual set up.

Danny showed up half way through dinner. He wasn't going to come, but since he had RSVP'd he felt bad not attending. {He RSVP'd for 2, assuming Jenn would be with him.} He looks good. I know both him and Jenn have been going through it differently, but I think Danny took it harder than her. He blames himself for hurting her so bad {which he should} and he can't seem to cope with that. They do say that women heal faster then men...

He said his congratulations to Joe and Lisa, and then joined our table. We had left the seat next to Matt empty, assuming he would show up. Danny said hello to everyone at the table, which were all old friends, and then came up and kissed me on the cheek. He asked if he could talk to me in private, so I excused myself from the table and followed him into the lobby.

"Holy shit, Tor." Danny said when he turned around. "I can not believe Matt let you out of the house like that."

"Like what?" I looked down at my dress. I didn't think it was that short.

"You look like a smoke show. If you were my girl, I would lock you up." I rolled my eyes. He's such a pig sometimes. "Don't get me wrong.. you look amazing. Like beyond amazing."

I blushed a little. Danny has never complimented me on my looks EVER. "So what did you need to talk to me about?"

"Oh, ya, so I think I know how I can get Jenn back.." His eyes lit up and my heart sunk. I looked in his eyes and nodded for him to continue. "I heard Caroline is setting her up on blind dates, so I was thinking, I could get Caroline to set me up with her."

"That's a horrible idea."

"What? Why?"

"Well first of all, Caroline hates you. Second of all, Jenn would kill her. Third, Jenn would kill you. Fourth, she'll probably never trust another person in her whole life."

Danny sighed and out his head in his hands. My heart really does break for him. I feel like him and Jenn are so perfect for each other, but their equally as stupid when it comes to love. But again, I promised I wouldn't get involved, so I have to sit back and watch two train-wrecks try and deal.

"Do you think I'll ever get her back?" He asked softly. I could see his eyes starting to glaze over.

"Danny.." I took his hands in mine. "I truly believe you guys need to be together, but I have no idea how or when it will happen. I don't think you should give up on her, but I also think you need to give her space and let her come to you."

"Yea.. I know how hard headed she is." He smiled. "That's why I fell in love with her." I laughed and he pulled me in for a hug. "Thanks, Tor. You're the only person who keeps it real with me these days."

"You're like a brother to me, I don't want to see you hurting. So go in there and have some fun."

Danny stood up and put his hand out to help me up from my seat. "After you."

"You should walk in front of me, I don't need you checking me out from behind."

Danny laughed and put his hands up in surrender. "I had no idea Matt was dating a Victoria Secret model."

"Ya, okay!"

When we got back to the table, Matt asked what were laughing about.  "I was just admiring Tori's perfect ass."

The nerve in Matt's neck started to bulge. "Dude, I'll punch you." We both started laughing again and Matt pulled me in closer. "You're not leaving my side tonight."

"I wouldn't dream of it." I pulled him in for a long lingering kiss. A preview of what would come later.

08 August 2016

Quiet Little Moans

When I told Matt what my brother had done, all he could do was laugh.

"You have to admit Tor, the guy has balls."

"He's such a moron though. Are you going to tell Danny?"

"Nah. That's between them."

I pulled the blanket around me tighter. For some odd reason, when I'm concerned or lost in my own thoughts, I get really cold. We were having a lazy Sunday, cuddling and watching TV. I have no idea what were watching though, my brain was somewhere else.

Matt got up to make himself a sandwich, and asked me if I wanted anything. "Matthew, we literally just finished dinner."

"I'm hungry again." He rubbed his stomach. "I'm a growing boy."

I started laughing so hard that I almost fell off the couch. The amount of food that this man consumed was unreal. If he didn't work out as much as he did, he wouldn't be able to walk through the door. He came over and sat beside me again, with a sandwich the size of my head.

"How are you not 800 pounds?" I asked him, laughing. "There's no way I could ever eat as much as you."

"I honestly have no clue." He laughed back. "You're a lot smaller than me, Tor. If you ate as much as me, I'd be concerned. Slightly turned on, but still concerned."

I sat up. "Girls that eat a lot turn you on?"

"It's not like a fetish or anything. I just think it's sexy when a girl enjoys her food and isn't scared to indulge every once in a while."

"Is that why you fell for me?"

"Your pizza eating skills are pretty top notch. Plus the sounds that you make when you're eating something you really like are so sexy."

"What sounds?"

"Quiet little moans. I don't even think you know you do it. It's crazy sexy though."


"Victoria!!" He was trying not to laugh, but his stupid little sexy smirk kept poking through. Eventually he couldn't hold it anymore.

I was giving him major cut eye right now. He knows that my weight has always been a touchy subject for me. He's never made me feel bad about my eating habits, or the way I look though. And I know he was teasing me, but in that moment, I was pissed.

"You're a horrible boyfriend." I threw my pillow at him.

Matt continued laughing so I got up and started to walk away. He grabbed me by the arm though, and pulled me down on top of him. "Do you know when I knew I loved you?"

"When I wouldn't return your calls?"

"No." He rolled his eyes. "We were at the cottage. The first time you met Danny and Evan. You were so nervous to meet Evan, but you pulled through and ended up being friends with him by the end of the weekend. Danny kept harassing you and you gave it back to him ten times harder. You just fit so perfectly into my life. You went over and beyond that weekend too. Helping with the food, cleaning up and making everyone feel at home. That's when I knew I loved you. Because of what's in here." He put his hand on my chest. I looked him in the eyes and he slowly started rubbing his hands down the sides of my body resting them on my butt and squeezing. "And this.. this is just a bonus."

I started to laugh again, and Matt pulled me in for a long, lingering kiss. A kiss that turned in to so much more. I love that Matt has so many sides to him. Even though he's a beast, and usually a rough lover. He knows when to be slow and passionate.

When we finished, I rolled off the couch and took a nice big bite of Matt's sandwich. {he put it down on the coffee table - sex before food}.

"That's my sandwich."

"I worked up an appetite." I shrugged my shoulders and took another bite.

"You're lucky I love you." Matt said, shaking his head on his way to make another sandwich.

That is true. I don't know many men that will put up with my crazy like he does. The man is a saint!

02 August 2016

He Got To Her First

"Did you just do what I think you did?"

"What do you think I did? Why are you yelling?"

I could kill my brother sometimes. Most times actually.

"Did you just ask Jenn out on a date? I'm not yelling at you.." I'm Italian, so everything I say is loud. Plus the bluetooth in my car sucks so I have to speak extra loud. "Can you even hear me?"

"Loud and clear. She told you?"

"I was with her when you texted her." I was on my way home from Yoga with Jenn and Caroline. I really like Caroline. She's a little firecracker. "And stop answering my question with a question. Why would you do that?!"

"She's finally single again. And we've always had a thing.." I knew it!

"Well, considering you and Danny are bffs now, don't you think that was a little shady of you?"

"I guess." He voice softened. "I've always had a thing for her. Since we were younger. I can't help it. He just got to her first. I should have made a move a long time ago." He sighed. "I probably should have asked him huh?"

"Uh ya! I swear sometimes I wonder how you're the older sibling."

"Shut up, Tor. You would have ate your own poop if it wasn't for me."

"You put it in front of me!" That's a story for another day.. "Don't change the subject."

"What did she say? Was she freaked out?"

"No.. she actually considered it. Against my advice."

"You told her to say no to your own brother!"

"I told her to say no to Danny's new best friend."

I had to focus on the road so I ended the conversation. I could not believe the balls my brother has. Like I swear there's something wrong with that kid. He's way too impulsive.

Jenn, Caroline and me were in the change room after our weekly yoga class, checking our phones. {We're such millennials.} I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I caught Jenn's expression in my peripheral. She looked like she had seen a ghost, and I couldn't help but think Danny had texted her again.

"Everything okay over there?" Caroline asked. She noticed it too.

"Hmm? Yea." Jenn quickly shoved her phone back into her bag and started walking to the car.

We dropped Caroline off at her mom's house {she's dog sitting} and she invited us in, but we both declined, a little too quickly. Both Jenn and me knew we had something to discuss. Caroline is such a sweetheart, but somethings you need to save for your day ones.. you know?

Jenn and me talked nonsense for the rest of the car ride but as soon as we pulled into her driveway I started grilling her. "Okay, spill! Who or what has you spooked?"

"Your brother asked me out..." She blurted out.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Your. Brother. Daniel. Asked. Me. Out." Jenn repeated herself, slowly this time.

"Oh my God. What an idiot!"

"I don't think I'm gonna say no."

"Does that mean you're gonna say yes?"

"No. But I'll think about it."

"I can not believe you're even considering dating my brother."

"He asked me out on a date Tor. He didn't ask me to marry him. Chill."

"You do realize he's best friends with your very recent ex, right?"

I saw the pain in her eyes when I said that. I shouldn't have said it.

"I should go inside."

"Shit. Jenn. I'm sorry. I just - You don't find it weird?"

"I got so used to blocking everything to do with Danny out of my life that I didn't even think of that."

"Are you sure you're ready to move on? To date again?"

"I thought so."

"Look, I know it's hard. I've been there. But if you're just going to start dating someone to 'test the waters' I really don't think it's a good idea that it's my brother. And that's me being protective of both of you."

Jenn smiled and nodded. "I know, you're right."

"I'm not saying you can't ever date him. Just maybe fool around with some randos first. Get back into the swing of things. And when you're ready, you'll both thank me."

"Thanks, Tor."

"Now go inside, take a long hot shower and start tindering. I need to go kill a certain family member of mine."
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