30 March 2016

Don't You Dare Finish That Sentence

February 26, 2016

"So how's married life?"

"It's alright..." Soph looked down and away from the table. We tried to keep up our weekly girl nights but that slowly turned in to a monthly thing. I'm not complaining though, Sophia needs to be married and adapt to her new role as wifey. Sitting in her new house was weird though. I still can't believe she's all grown up!

"What do you mean alright?" I asked cautiously. One thing I do know about Sophia- never attack her, let her come to you. We're the same person in two very different bodies.

"It's just so busy. There's always something to do or wash or sweep or cook. Paul doesn't even help me at all. He just adds to the pile."

"Soph- he's a 30 year old Italian man. His mom did everything for him until the day of the wedding. You had to have expected that he wasn't going to change over night!"

"Yea... She's another problem." She contemplated continuing her thought but instead changed the subject. "What's new with you? I feel so out of touch these days."

Jenn finally showed up and we spent the rest of the night catching up on each other's lives over wine and pizza - obvi. "I am so proud of you Tor."

"Uh, why?"

"I thought for sure you were gonna run when Lena asked you about meeting your parents." Jenn caught Sophia up on what had happened at brunch.

"OMG TORRRRRR." Soph has officially had enough wine. "I can't believe you! I'm so happy for you guyyyyyssss."

"All I said was she can meet them soon. Why is that such a big deal?"

"Have you met yourself?!" Jenn shot out as Soph nodded behind her. "You have never, in all the years that I've known you, been so calm about something like this. Both me and Matt were ready to come running after you."

So basically everyone thinks I'm a flake...

Matthew and me spent last weekend in Niagara on the Lake. It is such a cute little town near the famous Niagara Falls. They have a crap load of wineries which is key to why we went. {I have been watching way too much of DJ Khaled's snapchat- everything is KEY!} We ended up staying at a bed and breakfast which I was so against- but I didn't really have much of a say. Matt thinks they're cute and add to the experience, I just think they're creepy. Matt hated it though and I had to bite my tongue. The lady that owned the place we stayed at was literally up our asses the entire time.

The winery tour was so much fun! Our tour guide, Kevin, was hilarious. He was a young, ginger-ish hair and naturally gravitated towards Matt and me. Probably because we were the only ones laughing at his jokes. We got to sample all kinds of regular wines and ice wines which I had never tried before and they were delicious. Kevin decided that I needed to try an ice wine martini {vodka and ice wine mixed together} and he was right. SO YUM.

All the wine made me extremely sexual though. I started getting really touchy with Matt near the end of the tour and I could feel his excitement growing. "Matt I want you insi..."

"Don't you dare finish that sentence. Tor, people can hear you."

"I don't care. A girl wants what a girl wants." I'm pretty sure I was starting to slur a little.

Matt pulled me in to him. "I would rip your clothes off right here and now if no one was around. But if I have to keep it in my pants for the next 40 minutes, then so do you."

I pouted and smirked at the same time- I love when he gets all riled up. We decided to take a taxi back to the B&B instead of waiting for the shuttle because waiting just isn't our thing. I rubbed my booty across the front of him as we slid into the back of the car knowing it would drive him insane. The driver was so chatty and kept asking questions about the tour, where we were from etc. which kept us distracted for the most of the car ride.

All bets were off when we got to our room. We barely made it inside before Matt started ripping my clothes off. There was this urgency in him that I hadn't seen in a while and boy did I miss it. I'm all for slow and sweet lovin' but deep down I'm a sucker for his rough side. Matt was inside me within seconds, each thrust harder and deeper than the one before. He kept one hand behind my head and used the other to hit all the right spots. {And let me tell you... he knows them ALL} My first orgasm ripped through me almost instantly and I could feel Matt wasn't too far behind me. Matt growled my name when he came, setting me over the edge again. The B&B lady must not have been home because there was no way she didn't hear us. We basically laid in bed naked all night alternating between eating pizza and mind blowing orgasms. *bliss*

Things between me and Matt have been really good. I always envied people who had easy relationships, because Lord knows none of my past ever were. Sometimes I do like to push his buttons though. Matt is so calm that I've only seen him upset maybe three times- and I'm pretty sure each time was something I did...

I always think back to the beginning of our "relationship" and how hard he fought for me. He knew from the moment he met me that he wanted to be with me and I was so stubborn. Like come on- we met on Tinder! I remember starting this blog with the intention of sharing all my Tinder conquests and stories of my party all the time lifestyle and thinking that people would judge me- but I didn't care. I never in a million years though I would have fallen in love with someone I met on a hook up app! I will probably never tell our children {or our parents} that story though.

28 March 2016

Deer In Headlights

February 16, 2016

For those of you that are new or might just not know- I live in Toronto. We've been having such a mild Winter that it was actually exciting. That ended this past weekend though. The temperatures dropped to well below -20 {Celsius} and there has been no shortage of snow.

Matt had originally told me that he didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day this year but he was lying. He's a horrible liar. Plus Danny told Jenn and Jenn told me so...

Saturday Matthew and Danny had plans with some of their other friends to go axe throwing, {that's a thing now apparently} so Jenn and me went shopping. We went to Victoria Secret to get something sexy for V Day, but it was a straight up war zone in there. I don't think I have ever seen that many people in the store. I'm pretty sure even the staff were completely overwhelmed.

Being the classy ladies that we are, we decided on going to get waffles instead. Because, you know, nothing is sexier than a bloated waffle belly. I don't know what it is- but literally everything bloats me lately. Sophia tried convincing me that I have a gluten sensitivity- but I refuse to fall into that trap.

Anyways- we both ended up getting really sick after eating the waffles and spent all day Sunday {Valentine's Day} together with Matt and Danny watching us puke. Romance. Their plans went out the window though so we just cuddled on the couch. Matthew bought me a necklace with three small pearls strung through. I had mentioned once that I was obsessed with pearls even though I never thought I was classy enough to wear them. It was so dainty but still modern enough that I could wear it everyday. I cried when I opened it because that's what I do now...

Monday was Family Day {I don't know if that is only a Canadian holiday..} so Danny and Jenn ended up spending the night with us at Matt's condo, and we made plans to go for brunch Monday with the boys' parents. I love Matthew's parents like they were my own- they're so cute. Both Jenn and me were still having weird tummy issues so we ordered a simple fruit salad while the boys filled up on pretty much everything else. Their mom's grocery bill must have been outrageous when they were growing up.

As we were leaving Lena, Matthew's mom, gave me a hug goodbye and asked when they were going to meet my parents. I froze. I'm pretty sure I had that deer in headlights look that people always talk about.

"Mom, don't." Matthew gave her a stern look, and then looked at me all apologetic.

"I just want to get to know the people that created this beautiful girl." She grabbed my hands and squeezed tight.

"Hopefully soon!" I smiled at her. Both Jenn and Matt looked at me like I had three heads.

Lena seemed content with that answer and continued say her goodbyes while I let out a sigh of relief.

"You made my mother's day today." Matt said as we pulled into my driveway.

"I do have that affect on people." I joked.

"Yea. You do." He laughed. "She was devastated when I told her we weren't together anymore. Then when I told her we were back together she got all excited and started planning our wedding."


"Tor, I'm sorry. I know that's a touchy subject for you. I just wanted you to know that by saying they can meet your parents meant the world to her and.." I pulled him in for a kiss so that he would stop rambling. He's so cute when he gets nervous.

"I love you." I said. I stared into his eyes, my hands on both sides of his face. I could see the fear in his eyes and it kills me that I put it there. The last time we had this conversation our relationship didn't survive, and I blame myself for that. But things have changed since then, I've changed. "I already said yes to marrying you. I'm just waiting on the super extravagant proposal, remember?"

Matt laughed- he knows how much I would actually HATE anything extravagant, it's just not my style. "I love you, Tor. More than life itself." Now he was getting too mushy for me so I slid out of the car and waited for him to follow. He always insists on walking me right to my door to make sure I don't get stolen or something.

On a side note.. Daniel has been acting strange since we got back from vacation. So, like the good sister I am, I decided to do some snooping and I think he has a secret girlfriend / lover. But I will keep you guys posted!

24 March 2016

The Old Me Would Have Been All Over That

February 8, 2016

The Tuesday after Sophia and Paul's wedding my parents surprised Daniel and me with a ten day family vacation to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Our flight was going to be leaving that Friday afternoon, so it was pretty last minute. Daniel and me both work for my father's company- so requesting time off of work wasn't an issue. BUT getting myself ready was! I'm that girl that brings minimum two outfits per day {with matching shoes and accessories, of course}. The girls always harass me when we go on vacation because my luggage is always the heaviest, and I never end up wearing half of the clothes that I bring. But, what can I say, I like to have options. Oh and also, re-wearing swim suits that haven't been properly washed really grosses me out.

Friday came faster than I could have hoped and before I knew it we were accepting our fruity cocktails and checking in to our rooms. We stayed at the Paradisus Punta Cana Resort and OMG.  To say that the resort was beautiful is an understatement. The food was amazing, the staff was so friendly {extremely flirty} and helpful and pretty much everything about it was perfect.

Most of our days were spent lounging by the ocean, getting my tan on and bonding with the broski. Daniel and me have always been super close, but sometimes we get too busy with our own lives that we need a little catch up time. We're also super competitive- so the entertainment crew loved us! We played and dominated pretty much every game that they came up with- 90% of them having to do with chugging beer. {what can I say- we're naturals}

I tried to get some dating info out of him but that man is tight lipped when it comes to all that. I always pictured him with Jenn- which is obviously not gonna happen now- and I get the feeling that he had the same idea in mind. Jenn and Daniel always had a very flirty relationship, and even though he was older than us and never really hung out with us, he always gave her that little bit of extra attention. I swear I saw some jealousy at Sophia's wedding, but he's not the type of guy to act on it. Maybe I should try setting him up with someone? I dunno.

About half way through our trip we decided to take a catamaran boat cruise, which is one of the excursions that they offer through the resort. The captain took us to different beaches and eventually stopped at a deserted beach where they cooked lunch for us. The thing about travelling all inclusive resorts- is that you can basically drink alcohol from the minute you wake up until the minute you pass out- and it's all free! This boat was no exception- they were steady passing around bottles of rum and tequila. We spent about two hours on the island before getting back on the catamaran to head back to the resort. Daniel and me got separated from our parents, and somehow we ended up on the wrong boat. {alcohol's fault}

"Where did you come from?" I turned around to the deep southern accent behind me.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh sorry, my name is Luke."

I looked him up and down. "Tori."

"What I meant to say was I didn't see you before cus if I did then I would have remembered you." He started rambling so I smiled politely and turned to walk away when he grabbed my arm. "You should come hang with us." He said, and nudged his head towards a group of 5 other very, very attractive men. The old me would have been all over that.

"Thanks, but I'm gonna pass."

"Well, my loss then. It was nice meeting you Tori." He nodded and walked away. Luke was such a gentleman- and that southern accent was oh so sexy.

The rest of the week went by smoothly. By the end of our trip we were all ready to head home and I could not wait to see Matthew! {not like we didn't FaceTime every night...} He had offered to pick us up from the airport, so I was basically a child waiting to see Santa for the entire 5 hour plane ride. I can't explain it, but things just feel different when I'm with him.

I'm happy to be home but I do miss the warm weather! I forgot how cold it was when we left- I've been home for a whole 4 days and my tan has already faded! #firstworldproblems

23 March 2016

Dun Dun Dunnnnn

You guys!!! I miss youuu!!!

So remember how I told you that I work for my dad and all that jazz? Well- one of the guys at work found about about my blog...





Like seriously! So I disabled it for a bit cus I knew if he tried searching it and found out about my sexualness I would be disowned. My father doesn't understand blogs and what they are.. but still, I had to be safe!  It was actually the funniest conversation that I had with my father in a long time. So thanks dickweed, this post is dedicated to you!

Anyways, I thought about changing the name of the blog, or even making it like an invite only kind of thing, but after talking it over with Matthew we decided that I don't give a shit. Putting your life on the internet has it's complications sometimes- it comes with the territory. Plus, if the guys from work wanna read all about my sex life- by all means...

I have still been writing, and I have a few posts ready to go, but I wanted to know what you guys think. Should I back date them and post them while trying to catch up to date- or just continue from today?

Let me know what y'all think- and leave a comment with your twitter handles so I can follow you all back!

xo Tori w
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