08 February 2016

I Won't Give Up

"Victoria, did you tell Sophia that we are all attending the wedding? I completely forgot to respond!"

"Ma, the wedding is in 4 days... Of course I told her." I laughed. My mother was horrible at remembering to respond to invitations.

"Oh, thank God. Daniel has his suit all ready. I just have to pick up your father's from the tailor..." She continued running off the list of all the things she had to do before looking at me with sad eyes. "I'm sorry that Matthew won't be there with you. I know you were really looking forward to sharing this memory with him." She squeezed my hand.


"What? Is he coming? Did Danny invite him? I swear those two are inseparable."

"No, mother. I invited him."

"Does this mean you are dating him again?" I nodded. "Oh thank Jesus. I missed the smile he puts on my baby girl's face."

"Yea.." I said. "Me too."

The night of Sophia and Paul's rehearsal dinner we all met at the church beside Sophia's house and ran through what would happen on the day of the wedding. I almost cried like 7 times because 1. hormones and 2. my best friend is getting married! I made a mental note to wear waterproof mascara the day of the wedding.

After church, we all went to this trendy new restaurant for dinner. Jenn, Chloe and me sat together, obviously, and got all caught up on each other's lives. I was filling them in on my good news and Jenn looked like she was going to burst open.

"I knew already!" She blurted.

"I kind of figured." I laughed. It was no surprise that Danny told her. Those two have been plotting all kinds of ways to get us back together.

"That's so wonderful." Chloe said. Her words were dripping with sarcasm.

"What is your problem?" Jenn answered. "Can't you be happy for your best friend?"

"I am." Chloe shot back. "So happy."

I just ignored her because I was finally happy and if she chose to ride the bitter bus I was not going to join her.

The last few days before the wedding were not as hectic as I thought they would be. Soph really planned everything out perfectly. The only thing we had to do was pick up her dress and some last minute deliveries to the banquet hall. The day of the wedding went by completely stress free. We were on time for everything, the weather cooperated and everyone was on their best behavior.

Matt didn't come to the church in the morning because he had to work, but he met us at the hall before the guests started arriving. He came in and immediately congratulated Sophia and Paul before coming over and greeting his super awesome girlfriend. He was wearing a fitted dark grey suit with a black shirt and tie and he looked delicious. I'm pretty sure I saw some little tramp eyeing him all night but he never took his eyes off of me.

Daniel, Danny and Matt hang out by the bar most of the night {I'm so happy they get along!} but Matt still made sure to dance with me. The song "I Won't Give Up" played and we danced and Matt sang and I cried. Drunk Tori always cries. But seriously, if you guys don't know that song go and listen to it- it's super sweet.  

Matt took me outside because I suddenly needed fresh air. It was a little too fresh though, so I started shivering and Matt wrapped his suit jacket around me, pulling me into his arms. "I never want to be without you Tor. Ever again." He said as I cried into his chest.

"Me either. I hated not being with you. Today really put things into perspective for me though- I want what Sophia and Paul have. And I want it with you."

Matt pulled back and examined my face. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"I think so..."

"Tor. Please don't fuck with my head." He whispered as he looked down.

I put his face in my hands and slowly assured him. "I want to be with you forever. I want to marry you. Just, like, not right now."

The biggest smile crept up on his face and he pulled me in for the most intense kiss. Like a pure panty-wetting kiss. "I love you. So much."

"You know you still have to do the whole extravagant proposal, right?" I joked. Matt just laughed and we went back in and joined the party.

So I guess we're getting married y'all. Obviously not any time soon- but it's nice having that next step to look forward to! It's so weird being at this point of my life though. I was always the girl that never wanted to get married or have children. But that's all changed now. I can't wait to marry Matthew, and I can't wait to have children with him.

I'm Still Alive

Holy crap you guys-- I have sooo much to tell you!

So Sophia and Paul are married!! Their wedding was honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever been a part of. Sophia looked absolutely stunning.. obviously. That girl could wear a garbage bag and still look hot. Paul cried when she walked down the aisle which obviously made me cry- I'm such a sucker for sensitive men. They both looked so happy though- I guess all of the planning stress was worth it in the end. Kind of makes me wanna have that too.. you know?

We've never really hung out with Paul's friends, so meeting them and getting to know them was fun- they're party animals though. Like me and the girls can hold our own when it comes to drinking and having a good time- but these guys had us doubled. Sophia was right about Paul's friend Jesse wanting to bone me- but Matthew got all cave man and protective over me so he backed off pretty quickly. It's so weird having a friend that now has a husband. Not too weird because Paul has been around like FOREVER- but it's just weird saying Sophia and husband in the same sentence.

Anyways, a few days after the wedding my parents surprised me and Daniel {my brother, for those that don't know} with a family trip to Punta Cana! Hence why I've been MIA for a while... I can't even remember the last time we all took a family vacation- probably Disney World circa 1994. So I obviously had to rush out and buy multiple outfits for tropical weather- which is incredibly difficult when you live in the Winter capital of the world. I managed to find a few things and before I knew it I was saying goodbye to the cold.

It's been crazy trying to catch up with work and what not from being away- but at least I have a rockin tan to show for it! I'll be back soon with a post all about the wedding and another all about vacation!

xo Tori w
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