27 August 2015

Blast From The Past

The last week of my life has been pretty boring. I've been sick in bed with the flu, and I haven't seen Matt in about a week. {which I told you all on twitter feels like a year because I'm so needy} Anyways.. I didn't want to leave you lovelies hanging, so I decided to give you a little glimpse in to my past. 

My brother Daniel has a really good friend by the name of Mark. Daniel and Mark have literally been friends since they were in kindergarten, and I've always considered him to be another brother. Mark has a sister who was a few years older than him and Daniel, making her 5 years older than me. Tracey {Mark's sister} was my idol growing up. She always had the attention of all the neighborhood boys, and they were all in love with her at one point or another. She was the hot older sister, I was the nerdy younger sister.

When I was in high school, Tracey and I became best friends. She had already graduated, but something about me peaked her interest. She would pick me up from school, take me shopping, bring me around all of her college boy toys- and I have to admit I didn't hate it. I actually loved it. Being friends with her gave me a new image and a new outlook on life. I started taming my frizzy curls, wearing makeup and dressing like a girl. My boobs finally decided to show up and I was not the only one that noticed. Tracey's best friend Frankie noticed too.

Frankie was your typical jock type. He played semi pro hockey, which meant he was basically a celebrity. {I'm from Canada in case you all forgot...hockey is HUGE!} We went to every one of his games, and celebrated every win with him, and consoled him on every loss. He was tall, well built with dark curls that hung in front of his dark brown eyes. Frankie knew he was hot shit and that every girl wanted him. Especially Tracey. Of course, she never mentioned this until he started showing more and more interest in me.

I was 15 and a super hot guy was in to me- my life was pretty much made. Frankie and me dated for almost a year before I lost my virginity to him. {I wish I had a good story for that but it was a pretty basic non romantic event.} We had a really good relationship, but it always felt like more of a friendship than anything more serious. When we eventually broke up we remained good friends, and still keep in touch to this day.

I wish I could say the same for Tracey. She and I ended our "friendship" when I started dating Frankie. To this very day she blames me for stealing her man. I guess I should have asked her if she was okay with me dating her friend, but I was young and inexperienced back then. I always wanted to thank Tracey for breaking me out of my shell and exposing me to a whole new world than the nerd bubble I was living in. Once in a while Mark fills me in on details of her life, I do miss her, but my life isn't lacking anything without her. Let's think of her as a stepping stone.

Anyways, I know this post is super random and some of you might find it boring but I have flu brain {it's a real thing} and I love you all too much to leave you with no post!

18 August 2015

I'm Never Getting Married

"I don't know what I want."

"Soph, your wedding is in less than 5 months!"

"I know. But.."

"But nothing. Are you having doubts?"

Girl's night was a little bit intense last week. Sophia is getting married in less than 5 months, and she has yet to plan almost everything. She has a dress, and we have our bridesmaid dresses, but that's about it. Now for most people, planning a wedding in a short time span wouldn't be a problem, but when you are having a 500 person traditional Italian wedding- there's a lot to be done.

Now, I know it's not my wedding so I really shouldn't be worrying, but you guys don't know Soph like I do. She likes to leave everything to the very last minute, and then expects Jenn and me to bail her out. This always happens, but considering the fact that her wedding is right after Christmas, I really do not have the time to do anything last minute.

Something has changed with Sophia though, her whole attitude towards the wedding is different, and both me and Jenn noticed. So, being the awesome friends we are, we confronted her about it to make sure she wasn't making a HUGE mistake!

"No. I love Paul and I want to marry him. I just wish everyone would mind their own business. His mom wants this, my mom wants that- everyone else is trying to make me do things their way."

"Okay, so tell them to all mind their own business and do what you want. It is your wedding." I answered.

"Yea, but they're paying for most of it. How can I say no to them and still expect for them to pay?"

"That's tough." Jenn added. "You're going to have to compromise on some points, but you need to stand up to them. Don't let them walk all over you."

"I guess. I just don't want to make anyone upset."

"Soph, if you don't stand up for yourself, the only one that's going to be upset is you."

So, once we finally got down to it and figured out that Sophia does in fact want to marry Paul, we got right back in to planning and made huge progress. Not before I text Matt though, and told him that I never wanted to get married. He gave me some smart ass remark about me not being wife material anyways, but we all know he made that up.

Over the weekend we were supposed to go up to the cottage again {it has quickly become my favourite place on earth}, but there was just so much going on here in the city that we decided to stay and enjoy what Toronto has to offer. Although our winters are extremely long and unnecessarily cold, Summer in Toronto is beautiful. Every weekend is full of events from everything including food festivals, art shows and music festivals. We spent most of Saturday at Rib Fest- stuffing our faces and just enjoying the time together with our friends.

Sunday morning, I joined Matt, Danny and Evan for a round of golf. Now, the last time I attempted golfing I ended up having Matt drive me home after 9 holes because I was too drunk to function. So this time, they wouldn't let me drink. {it was also 8 in the morning so..} It was still super fun though. I wasn't Evan's biggest fan after the whole Carmen incident, but he's growing on me. I think the one major thing that I don't like about Evan is the fact that I actually do like him. You know when you're just so dead set against liking a person, and then they make you like them and it makes you even more mad... that's where I'm at with the whole Evan thing. We finished golfing around 12, so we stopped for a quick bite to eat before going our separate ways.



"What was that whole not getting married text about?"

"We were helping Sophia get some stuff done for the wedding, and it just hit me how much I hate other people's opinions and when other people tell me what to do. So if I never get married, than no one can tell me how to have my wedding..."


"Why do you ask?"

"It was just a really random thing for you to say so it got me thinking." Matt was acting really weird- what could he possibly be thinking about?

"Thinking about what?"

"Tor, stop freaking out."

"I'm not." I lied.

"Yes. You are." He knows me so well. "It took me almost losing you to get to finally agree to being my girlfriend, and I would not even consider jeopardizing that with marriage talk."

"So.. you don't want to marry me?" I pretended to be hurt, but in reality I was relieved as hell. Matt gave me a look like he didn't know what the right answer was, so I started to laugh and let him off the hook. He looks so cute when he's confused but I couldn't put him through any more torture.

This talk really did get me thinking though. Why was Matt so concerned about our future? Am I being completely immature about this whole commitment thing? 

13 August 2015

Wine and Cupcakes

So Matthew made me meet his parents. Okay, he didn't make me, but he did kind of persuade me in to agreeing. In all honesty, I was very curious about his family, and I did want to meet them, I just feared what would happen if they didn't like me. Matt is one of the only guys that have ever met my family, and my parents adore him, so I had to make sure his parents love me too!

Matt made plans for us to have lunch at his parent's house last Sunday afternoon, and Danny would be joining us as well. Growing up, I was always taught that you never show up to someone's house empty handed, so I made cupcakes {from scratch!} and bought a really nice bottle of wine. I was so nervous but I think I did a really good job at hiding it, or at least Matt didn't call me out on it.

Lunch actually went perfectly. From the minute I walked in to their home, they made me feel like I've been a part of the family forever. Matthew's mom, Lena, is seriously the cutest- and compared to her two sons, she is tiny! She has shoulder length brown hair and piercing green eyes, which is where they boys get them from. Nikko on the other hand {Matt's father} is an older version of Danny. He's tall and extremely handsome with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I offered to help Lena finish off the lunch preparations, but she was pretty much done, so we sat in the kitchen and talked while we waited for Danny to arrive.

The conversation, and wine, flowed throughout the day, and before I knew it- Matt was ready to go home. Lena hugged me tightly, and thanked me for bringing so much happiness to her son's life. Nikko hugged me even tighter, and made me promise to come back soon. In a way they remind me of my own parents, so I think that's why we all get along so well.

When we pulled out of their driveway, Matt said that he had to make a quick pit stop at his office, so we headed straight there. The quick pit stop turned into almost two hours of him working while I just sat there and started at him. I noticed a few new adorable things about Matt though; the way his forehead creases when he's deep in thought, the way he uses his fingers to help him add and subtract and the way he sighs when he finally accomplishes his goal.  

By the time we got back to his condo, we were both still so full from the delicious lunch that we went an slowly died on the couch like the sloths we are. I must have dozed off for a bit {itis obvs.} and woke up to Matt trailing kisses up and down the back of my neck.

"They loved you."


"I love you."


"Today was perfect."


"I'm sorry about the office- I didn't think it would take that long..."



"Shut up."

He laughed to himself, and pulled me up to a sitting position. He kneeled in front of the couch, and picked me up, undressing me as he walked to his bedroom. He sat down at the edge of his bed and pulled me on top of him. While I straddled him, Matt tease my nipples with his tongue, causing me to squirm and moan under the heat of his mouth. I could feel him growing beneath me, so I started grinding my body against him, just to drive him even more crazy. The rest of the foreplay, and when Matt lost his pants, was a complete blur to me- and before I knew it, he was inside me. I usually hate being on top because of all my giggly bits, but with Matt is was impossible not to feel completely at ease. I continued to move by body against him while he smothered my neck and tugged on my hair.

I never thought I would be one of those girls that uses the term "love making" but that's exactly what happened that night. It was sweet. It was passionate. It was hot and steamy. But most of all it was love. The thing with being with Matt is that he has so many different moods. He can be a total animal one minute and then just melt into a sweet romantic lover the next. In the lottery of men- I think I won.

When we were finished, I took a nice long bath, and was completely relaxed. I wasn't sleepy anymore though, so Matt ordered my favorite pizza and we watched Bachelor in Paradise. {Matt says that he hates reality TV but I know he secretly loves all of the drama..} Being with Matt has turned me in to an eating machine though. I always tease him that he's trying to make me fat so that I won't leave him for someone hotter- not like that's even possible. 

10 August 2015

I'm Baaaccckkkkk!!!

Hi guys!!

I have so much to fill you in on, but I'm giving you all the cole's notes catch up version because well, it would be way too many words otherwise. I still don't have a working laptop, but I'm borrowing Matt's for a while, so hopefully I can keep posting until I get mine up and running.

Soooo, I had dinner with Chloe last weekend, and I have to admit it wasn't horrible. There was still so much tension between us, but we did laugh a lot and had some pretty good conversation. I'm still not her number one fan at the moment but one step at a time right? And before you all go and call me soft, the only reason I agreed to working on our friendship was because of Sophia's wedding. I love that girl way too much to cause unnecessary drama on her big day.

Jenn and Danny are dating. That's right- they are a couple. No one was more shocked than me when I heard this. I mean, I love Danny and I love Jenn {obviously} but I still had my hopes up for her dating my brother and eventually becoming my sister. Selfish reasons, I know. I also never saw Danny settling down any time soon, but they are totally adorable together. Danny is such a macho man, but not when it comes to Jenn. Oh, and from what I've heard- the Magic Mike dance moves have already been put to the test. {You're welcome Jennifer!}

Sophia and Paul are still super boring... kidding! {sort of} Paul is super boring, Sophia on the other hand, is only boring when she's with Paul. We had signed up for a charity golf tournament that took place a few weeks ago, and let me tell you- we had so much fun. The tournament was hosted by a friend of my father's, so a solid 90% of the guys golfing were people I knew either through work or they were friends and family. Sophia and I were the only women golfing, and we were drunk by the second hole. {there's 18 just in case you didn't know} Needless to say we caused endless amounts of trouble that led to Matt driving us home half way through the day.

Speaking of Matthew, things with him are going really well! We've been spending alot of time up at his cottage  which has been extremely relaxing for the both of us. I don't know if I ever mentioned anything about his job, but it gets to be really stressful for him, so I'm happy that we get that nice escape every weekend. Oh, and I met his parents... which I will post about next.

I'm currently unemployed, which is honestly not as fun as I thought it would be. BUT I do have an amazing tan to show for it. {priorities, right?} I won't be working again until September, in my new field of work, and I am soooo excited!

From now on I'm going to be posting as often as I can, and I know you all only come here for the juicy stuff so I will get right into that in the next post! Thanks for not forgetting about me, xo.
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