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17 August 2017

Old Habits Die Hard

My life has been drama free for quite a while now.

Obviously that's not normal Tori behavior, so that all changed this past weekend. {Side note - I hate how my Canadian spelling always gets autocorrected!!} Anyways, Chloe, Sophia, Jenn and me had a huge fight. HUGE. I think the last time I mentioned Chloe was when her and Liam hung out with us that one time...ugh.

Well, Saturday night, was girl's night. The girl's consisting of Jenn, Sophia, Caroline and myself. We decided on doing something low key because obviously Sophia is pregnant and we want her to take it easy. I think we're being more paranoid than her, but I think we're all a little scarred. Caroline mentioned a super boujee event that her brother Jason was working {he does private security for events across the city} so we decided to crash that after dinner.

Jason is a total hottie by the way. Can we just take a moment of silence to appreciate all the hotties in the world... Damn. Now, me and Matt are very secure in our relationship, and we both know our limits when it comes to flirting. In our opinions, flirting is completely acceptable and innocent. Especially when it's with a friend's brother - who knows about your super committed relationship to a beast of a man that could squish him with one hand. I'm not going to lie though, Jason might give Matt a fair fight - he's pretty beastly himself.

Jason is the total opposite of Matt though. He's a ginger, with freckles spread across his slightly sun burned pale ass skin. Where as Matt has an olive complexion and dark hair. Plus Jason gives off major sweet heart vibes - where as Matt comes across as a total bad ass when you first meet him. But like I said, their statures are very similar. Tall. Muscular. Just over all big men.

It was about half way through the night when I received a text from Chloe asking what we were up to and if she could join. She didn't usually send texts so urgently so I thought maybe she needed an escape from Liam. I told her where we were and she said she would grab an Uber and head over. We were only about 10 minutes away from her condo, but she didn't show up until over an hour later... already drunk.

Normally, bouncers won't let you in to any event space when you're intoxicated, but because Jason knows us, he let her in if we promised to keep her quiet. That task proved to be impossible though. She wasn't even inside for 5 minutes before she got into a fight with one of the servers because she wanted "grilled cheese hot dogs" and obviously - that's not a real thing. Did I ever mention how she's an angry drunk? Needless to say - we were all asked to leave.

"Get her home safe." Jason said as he hugged us all goodbye.

"We will. Thanks for everything." Jenn hugged him back. "Will you get in trouble for this?"

"Nah. I'll just pretend she's some crazy lady that snuck in through the back." Jason said with a giggle and a wink as he hugged me. He didn't immediately let go of the hug, and held me close to him for a bit too long. Of course that just gave Chloe more fuel.

"Well, I hope Matt knows you're banging Caroline's brother." She spat out as we piled in to the Uber.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

Jenn sighed. "Go to sleep, Chloe. No one wants to deal with you right now."

The Uber driver kept quiet, but I could see him eyeing us - he probably thought fists were going to fly.

"Oh please. Tell me you guys didn't see that? They clearly have extreme sexual tension." Chloe continued. "I knew it was a matter of time before you fucked up another relationship, Tor."

I went silent. This wasn't the first time Chloe attacked my character, and my ability to make relationships work. Was she right though? Was I going to fuck everything up? Was I going to hurt Matt? Was it only a matter of time?

I must have blacked out while going through all of these questions, because we were pulled over to the side of the road. Jenn was yelling at Chloe - who was sitting on the curb, Sophia was leaning against the car, and Caroline {who was sitting in the front seat} was turned around staring at me. I immediately started to apologize to her and the driver. I told him if he wanted to leave us, he could, be he insisted on getting us home safe. Caroline didn't say anything, but I knew what she was thinking.

"I'm not sleeping with your brother." I half choked up.

"I didn't think that even for a second." She smiled and turned to face the front again. "He's gay."

"This has to be my most interesting night." The Uber driver chimed in. The three of us burst out laughing.

Jenn came over to see what was going on, and informed us that she had ordered another car to take Tori home. She wanted to leave her there but Soph insisted that we wait until the car came to make sure she was safe.

I didn't dare go into the bedroom when I got home. I just didn't feel right being next to Matt. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't stop my brain. I kept replaying what Chloe said over and over. "I knew it was a matter of time before you fucked up another relationship."

Matt woke me up around 9 the next morning, and asked how my night was.

"We need to talk." Was all I could say.
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